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July                                                                                                Volume 3, Issue 1

Welcome to July Entira Health News!

Please take a minute to read our July Entira Health News. Articles included are:

1)  Our Patient Advisory Board is looking for patient volunteers!

2)  Connect Experience is coming to you
3)  2016 Top Docs!

The Entira Health News will be sent out quarterly in 2016.  We invite your input in this newsletter, especially patient stories!  Please submit your ideas to marketing@entirafamilyclinics.com

                                    Patient Stories

"I give this place 10 gold stars...I've been here twice at After Hours Care and both 
times the staff
has been efficient and extremely friendly. Dr. Chlebeck is super nice and really listened to what I had to say."  New Patient

"I would like to congratulate the team working at the North St. Paul Urgent Care for their compassion, care, and expertise. I brought my boyfriend, Daniel, in at the suggestion of the Entira triage nurse due to his constant headache and multiple migraines. We saw Dr. Saccoman, who was able to tell us new information about Dan's migraines. While we were in the office, Dan's headache progressed to a migraine, and he was transported to the hospital by ambulance. During the commotion, three women helped us. I was not in a mindset to remember all of their names or roles...they each deserve kudos. Dr. Saccoman also made a special effort to ensure I was doing okay. I left very impressed with each of them and hoped they know they made a positive difference for both Dan and me." Kimberly. 

Do you have a similar story to share? Tell us why your provider is so special, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter. Please email marketing@entirafamilyclinics.com to share your story.

Our Patient Advisory Board is looking for patient volunteers!


Our Patient Advisory Board (PAB) meets four times per year on the first Saturday of the month in February, May, August and November from 9:00 am - 11:00 am at our Administrative office.  The PAB consists of two representatives from each of our 12 clinics and is a focus group format. Entira is always looking for patient feedback on various topics. 

”I am very grateful to be asked to participate in such a process, “ commented one of the patient members.

"I love being on this committee because it is one of the few that I see suggestions of this committee actually are implemented: Entira’s mission is to focus on seeking patient and family perspective on the health care experiences, for the purpose of promoting more patient-centered and compassionate care, " remarked another patient member.

If you are interested in joining the Patient Advisory Board, please contact dbartley@entirafamilyclinics.com or call 651-731-3584.

 Don't forget to sign up for your school or sports physical!

While July sits at the peak of your child’s summer break, it’s only a month away from when you send your child back to school. As you buy new school supplies and reorganize the carpool, don’t forget to schedule a back-to-school check-up for your son or daughter. Summer gives you the extra time to see your provider and fill out the forms your school district might require before the school year starts.

As a group of family-oriented medical providers, Entira Family Clinics knows what is needed to prepare your child for going back to school. Here is a checklist you should use to ensure your child’s back-to-school health check gives them the medical care they deserve:

1) Update Your Child’s Immunizations

It’s important to ensure your child has the latest vaccines. Vaccines are all expertly tested for safety. They not only keep your child safe from serious diseases, but they also protect other children who can’t receive vaccines due to serious health issues. Read more.

Upcoming Health and Wellness Topics
Back-to-school Check-list and Immunizations

National Breastfeeding Month 

National Childhood Obesity Month


Mental Illness Awareness Week
 Connect Experience is coming to you

Connect Experience is a patient survey that allows us to ensure your healthcare needs are met in a timely and respectful manner.

You may receive a brief call or email within a few days asking about your visit. This call or email should only take a couple of minutes of your time. Your participation will help us improve our care for you. 

You may be asked questions similar to the following:

• During your most recent visit, did this provider listen carefully to you?

• Did this provider give you easy to understand information about these health questions or concerns?

• What number would you use to rate this provider?

• Would you recommend this provider’s office to your family and friends?

  Health News

Medication Refills

Your medical prescriptions are very important to your good health.  Try to foresee the need for refills and pay close attention to the amount of medication left and the number of refills available. 

When you need to refill your medication:

  • Contact your pharmacy to request a refill of your medication.
  • If you have additional refills authorized, the pharmacist will refill your medication.
  • If no refills are authorized, your pharmacist will call your provider for approval.
  • Please allow three business days for processing a refill request. 
Read more.
If you are a diabetic, please send your eye exams
to your provider at Entira Family Clinics
for your medical record.
                      Congratulations to our Top Docs!

Congratulations to Timothy Hernandez, MD, David Thorson, MD and Theresa Wollan, MD who have been selected for the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine 2016 Top Doctors List.  They were nominated by their peers, 5,000 local doctors and nurses, as being among the best healthcare providers in the Twin Cities. Read More.

    Welcome, New Providers! 


Entira Family Clinics would like to welcome Megan Ryan to our Maplewood/Battle Creek Clinic. She recently graduated from the

Physician Assistant Program at St. Catherine's University in St. Paul, MN.

Megan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology as well as her Master's Degree in Public Health. She lived in Alaska for three years working for the state health department and then spent much of her career in medical device research. She always knew she wanted to be a clinician.

"I chose a career in family medicine because I enjoy caring for patients in all stages of life. My goal is to cultivate long-term, collaborative

relationships with patients to achieve their personal health goals," explains Megan.

Entira Family Clinics would like to welcome Christina Olson to our North St. Paul Clinic. Christina received her master’s in nursing with a specialty in Women’s Health from the University of Minnesota in 1999. More recently, she received a certificate in Family Practice from George Washington University in 2015.

"I spent almost 17 years in an OB/GYN practice, but always had the desire to be able to do more for my patients. This led me to go back to school for additional training, and now I look forward to being the provider that can address the majority of my patients’ concerns in one clinic, " explains Christina.

                    Community Involvement                           


In May, the West St. Paul Clinic staff and family walked in the West St. Paul Grand Parade.

Highland Clinic enjoyed sunny skies and warm weather at the Grand Old Days Parade.


In June, the Maplewood/Battle Creek and Woodbury Clinics sponsored a Wellness Walk through the beautiful Battle Creek Regional Park.

In June, White Bear Lake Banning and Bellaire Clinics' staff and family participated in the Manitou Days Parade.

 Upcoming Community Events


  • On August 2, there will be National Night Out activities at 2 clinics: Maplewood/Battle Creek Clinic and Como/Roseville
  • On September 11, our Inver Grove Heights Clinic will participate in Explore IGH with a booth outside the clinic.
  • In September (TBD), our east Side Clinic will participate in the Payne/Phalen Harvest Festival.

                                                 Clinic Hours

Regular Care Schedule*
Monday -Friday

*Check out your clinic's page for their exact hours.

Entira Clinic Hours
8 am - 5 pm

After Hours Care**
5 pm - 9 pm (appt start at 6 pm)

8 am - 5 pm (appt start at 9 am)
8 am - 5 pm (appt start at 9 am)

After Hours Care/Holiday Schedule

**After Hours Care is located at the No. St. Paul & Inver Grove Heights clinics.

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